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The Account Manager position with MSB and Empire Solutions is fast-paced, challenging, fun and has major compensation potential!
We refer to our Account Managers,as “Empire Managers” and they are the life-blood of our company that will become "the face" of everything that we do, with all of our interaction with the Merchants & Businesses in our ever-growing portfolio.
After completing their training, our Empire Managers will finish a small amount of paperwork with the businesses and then begin the promotion and development of that business through Active & Passive Acquisition strategies. The underlying goal of the Empire Managers are to drive new traffic to the businesses and have members (the end consumer) sign up for free with the MSB Loyalty & Rewards platform, through that business.
Enjoy a fun and rewarding career with us!
Apply using our online form and attach your resume at: http://apply.YourEmpireSolution.com
Once submitted, you will receive an E-mail or phone call for your initial phone screening before you receive your invite to attend our group and/or one-on-one interview at our Corporate Office, here in Sunny, Southern California.

Act NOW – These positions are filling fast, as we are only looking to hire 3 new Empire Managers this quarter.
Check out more info at: www.YourEmpireSolution.com or www.MySocialBlend.com
Trouble submitting your application with the web form?

E-mail us at: Apply@YourEmpireSolution.com
(Please be ready to provide a resume).

Thank you,
Your Empire Management Team

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