Entrepreneur Partner/Intern

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The Self Employment Agency
Company Location: Des Moines, IA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: Part-time, Unpaid

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This is NOT a regular internship. We are a small company (The Self Employment Agency), that focuses on helping small business owners thrive. In addition, we start small businesses (if we have a good idea), or help others start their business.

As a result, you'll get a ton of experience in helping entrepreneurs thrive. You'll also get a ton of experience finding out what doesn't work (failure). You'll need to have a thick skin.

Most importantly, you'll mostly be treated as an equal. You won't be getting us coffee (although we might drink some together), and your ideas will be treated with respect (and likely implemented). In other words, you'll be doing work that matters (or is completely worthless, depending on your own aptitude).

Currently, we are focusing on launching a game similar to "Uno" and you would be in charge of leading all facets of that undertaking.

We are also writing a book about our exploits and failures that is designed to impart our experience to "would-be" entrepreneurs worldwide. You'll need to be "okay" with us using your experiences in our book (we will change your name).


First and foremost, you'll be heading the production and marketing of a card game similar to "Uno." This will be your primary focus.

In addition, there is limitless possibilities of what you could help us with.

-We are also starting a business called, "Go Flip Yourself," where we help troubled home owners flip their own homes using unconventional methods.

-Our most high profile client is a published author who marketing his new corporate training seminars to Fortune 100 companies.

-Our lowest profile client passes out post it notes door to door to obtain handyman works.


-Thick Skin
-Drive (Seriously, we need someone who'll go get it!)

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