Fall Editorial Internship at The Jane Dough

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The Jane Dough is seeking editorial interns to join us at least 2 days per week during the fall semester. The ideal candidate is a current college or graduate student looking for hands-on writing experience at a news startup.

The Jane Dough is the go-to site for news and insight on women in the business world and political arena. Exploring the corporate and political worlds through the female prism, The Jane Dough celebrates women who have found success, dissects how powerful women are treated in the media and applauds forward-thinking companies. Women’s stereotypes, sexism in the workplace and on the political podium and enterprising female CEOs - those are the stories that get us fired up.

The Jane Dough is a property of Abrams Media. Abrams Media is a group of editorial websites including Mediaite, a media news website; Geekosystem, a site devoted to tech and geek culture; Styleite, which covers beauty and fashion; SportsGrid, on sports and sports-related media; The Mary Sue, a site for female geeks; The Braiser, devoted to celebrity chefs; and The Jane Dough, which examines the business and political worlds through the female prism. Our CEO, Dan Abrams, is the on-air Legal Analyst for ABC News, an anchor for that network and the former General Manager of MSNBC.


We’ll ask you to scour the web, the airwaves, and the pages of print publications for striking and original stories that highlight and raise questions about women in business or politics, or business through the female prism.

In exchange, we promise the chance to earn bylines and the sense of a job well done. And we promise you won’t have to get anyone coffee.

The main qualification for this internship is an interest and some strong opinions about the intersection of women and business. Do you devour Forbes' list of the most powerful women, but wonder why more ladies aren’t featured on Forbes' “regular” most powerful lists? Are you ticked off by the fact that more women aren’t founding as many tech startups and aren’t making as money much on Wall Street? Would you like to opine on the latest words uttered by Arianna Huffington, Sheryl Sandberg or Indra Nooyi? Yes? Sounds like you’ll fit right in.

If interested, please attach ALL of the following documents to your application email to be sent to interns@thejanedough.com:

- A resume/CV, including references

- Any three samples of your academic or journalistic writing, each preferably in a different style (long-form vs. short-form, magazine vs. blog, etc.)

- A brief (one-page) cover letter explaining why your experience, knowledge, and personality make you the ideal intern for our site.


The logistics:
• Our fall internships run from September to December, with flexible start and end dates

• The internship is based in our offices in SoHo, New York (although the right candidate can work remotely). Interns would need to be able to work a minimum of 2 days per week.

• Interns must be current college or graduate students who can receive academic credit for the internship; interns will be unpaid

How To Apply

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