Fall Editorial Internship at The Mary Sue

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The Mary Sue is seeking a kick-ass editorial intern for the fall semester. This is no coffee-and-errands internship: our interns spend 90% of their time writing, and most definitely receive bylines for all of their stories. The ideal candidate is a current college or graduate student looking for hands-on writing experience at a news startup.

The Mary Sue is an entertainment and news blog that strives to make a home for female geeks of all kinds, whether they're into games, comics, movies, television, animation, internet memes, science fiction or fantasy. TheMarySue.com is written by females for females; a geeky realm that women can call their own. The Mary Sue showcases female geek icons as well as the female leaders and doers in creative industries.

The Mary Sue is a property of Abrams Media. Abrams Media is a group of editorial websites including Mediaite, a media news website; Geekosystem, a site devoted to tech and geek culture; Styleite, which covers beauty and fashion; SportsGrid, on sports and sports-related media; The Mary Sue, a site for female geeks; The Braiser, devoted to celebrity chefs; and The Jane Dough, which examines the business and political worlds through the female prism. Our CEO, Dan Abrams, is the on-air Legal Analyst for ABC News, an anchor for that network and the former General Manager of MSNBC.


“Hold on,” you say, darting your eyes about confusedly. “What’s ‘The Mary Sue?’”

The Mary Sue is the geeky woman arm (I dunno, maybe it’s got a TARDIS tattoo?) of the shadowy, all-powerful Abrams Media collective. We’re eight websites reaching over 15 million people a month. We’re less than three years old. We’ve got big things ahead of us.

“But what will I do as an intern?” you ask, wringing your hands in anticipation, or possibly consternation.

You’ll join us in our offices (yeah, a loft in SoHo, exposed brick, no big thing), write, look at Google Reader, write, write some more, learn to be a Real Live Blogger, etc.

“How can I get this wondrous gig?” you ululate, collapsing to the floor in paroxysms of excitement, perhaps foaming at the mouth a bit for effect.

It’s pretty simple.

Here are the two biggest things we’re looking for in applicants:

The primary qualification for this job is an encyclopedic knowledge of and obsessive enthusiasm for multiple aspects of geek culture. If you are knowledgeable about weird, obscure anime or manga, television and movie casting news, and/or possess a deep knowledge of TVTropes.org and/or science fiction or fantasy, then this is the internship for you.

The secondary qualification is being able to write quickly and clearly (on topics from your geek specialties to gender issues), without weird grammatical or spelling issues, on topics that you yourself think up/discover on the interwebs.

Bonus points if you have any of the following qualifications:

- Knowledge of blogging software.
- Knowledge of the major personalities and figures in both the real and fictional sides of geekdom.
- Experience with photo-editing software.

Even less important qualifications but that still you should definitely tell us about if you’ve got them:

- Knowledge of anime and manga fandoms.
- An interest in writing and storytelling tropes.
If interested, please attach ALL of the following documents to your application email to be sent to interns@themarysue.com:

• A resume/CV, including references (please include any weird skills you might have, like the ability to read Legolas by Laura out loud without laughing, or knitting Jayne hats with your toes).

• Any two samples of your academic or journalistic writing, each preferably in a different style (long-form vs. short-form, magazine vs. blog, etc.) (Although we are a blog! So keep that in mind when deciding what to submit. At least one nerdy submission or gender-related submission is great but not strictly necessary.)

• A brief (one-page) cover letter explaining why your experience, knowledge, and personality make you the ideal intern for a girl geek culture blog. Please also list in your cover letter your earliest experience with truly bad fanfiction; if you don’t, we’ll know you didn’t read the entire posting!


The logistics:

• Our fall internships run from September to December, with flexible start and end dates

• Interns must be available to work at least 2 days per week at our SoHo offices

• Interns must be current college or graduate students who can receive academic credit for the internship; interns will be unpaid

How To Apply

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