Fellowship program for Women's Empowerment in rural India

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Young Women's IDEA
Punjab and Himachal Pradesh India
New Delhi, IL
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: Full-time, Paid

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Young Women’s IDEA is a platform to acknowledge, educate and empower women to develop confidence and strength in their own capacities –to create better circumstances for themselves, other women and society as a whole. It aims to increase women’s spiritual, political, social and economic participation both at the personal and community levels.

Young Women's IDEA offers Fellowship positions in the following project areas;

Vocational education and skills development training
Girls Club
Health and Community Care
Microfinance with rural women
Young Women's leadership associations
Marginalised Women's Empowerment
Career resource centre and English teaching

Young Women's IDEA fellowship program offers a range of activities including:

Policy development and program planning
Development of vocational and skills development training curriculum
Coordination of program implementation and delivery
Research and gender needs assessment
Training and assessment
Course monitoring and evaluation

The Young Women's IDEA fellows are expected to take on a great deal of leadership and responsibility whilst providing significant work experience in a structured and unique work environment. The fellowship program offers an extensive experiential on ground learning environment.


As such we are looking for individuals who have;

motivation, self-direction and personal integrity
highly developed interpersonal and writing skills
demonstrated leadership and potential for continued leadership
The fellowship positions are offered to Masters degree level candidates who have completed an unpaid 6 month internship program with the organisation to assess their suitability, leadership skills and work performance. This internship program includes free accommodation and work related transportation.

After this initial 6 month internship candidates may then be awarded a paid Fellowship position that includes a basic living allowance or stipend.

How To Apply

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