Fitness Revolution Brookfield, WI (Any Majors)

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Fitness Revolution Brookfield
675 North Brookfield WI Suite 109
Brookfield, WI
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: Part-time, Unpaid (College Credit Required)

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Fitness Revolution Brookfield is now offering internship opportunities to qualified interns. The prospective intern should be a motivated, personable individual that wishes to further educate themselves in the fields of business ownership, entrepreneurship, sales, marketing, functional training, fat loss, and athletic development. Fitness Revolution is a training facility offering training programs to adults seeking fat loss, functional training and athletes seeking improved performance. Fitness Revolution also serves the athletic demographic. Our clientele ranges in age from 16-65
This program will give the student an inside look at operating a fitness facility, business management, client management, and training programs. Each intern will be expected to learn the training system implemented by the Fitness Revolution staff. You will be allowed to shadow a coach during client and athlete training sessions and eventually be expected to implement training sessions on your own with the oversight of a staff member. You will also be expected to help with the daily duties of operating a training facility. These duties include cleaning equipment and flooring, maintenance of equipment, data entry of client information, handling phone inquiries, promotion of the program and other tasks deemed important by the Fitness Revolution staff. As well as performing daily tasks and training sessions, you will be allowed to get a behind the scenes look at starting and operating a small fitness studio from the business and coaching side. This is an often overlooked aspect when considering an internship. You will learn how to write proposals, market, network, and perform daily business operations that make a facility work. The information that you will learn at Fitness Revolution will prove to be invaluable in your future career as a fitness professional and/or business owner. You will be expected to learn every day, stay current on the trends within the industry, and follow the training and operating systems laid out by your internship supervisor.
This internship is for academic credit only. Students accepted into the internship will be required to enroll in their university’s internship course.

We are always looking for up and coming fitness professionals and strength coaches to build our business. This internship may lead to further opportunities with Fitness Revolution. There is no guarantee that participating in the internship program will lead to employment.

Each student will be required to obtain student pre-professional liability insurance to do any training of clients. See your internship coordinator for further advice regarding your insurance. We also require each student to obtain or currently have First Aid and CPR certification. You will not be allowed to participate in the program if you do not have proper First Aid and CPR certification prior to the start of the program.


This program will require each student to participate in a minimum of 200 hours (or agreed upon by university and FR owner) half of which must be at the facility.

The student intern will be expected to perform the following duties:
1) Shadow a staff member in a minimum of 4 training sessions per week.
2) Assist in supervision of training sessions.
3) Assist in maintaining a clean and sanitary environment for training.
4) Read and review one training article/blog or journal article per week.
5) Implement and direct fitness assessments on prospective clients.
6) Answer the phones and input client information.
7) Market the program to new prospective clients.
8) Implement and direct training programs for clients.
9) Understand and implement business management tasks.
10) Perform one workout per week with coach
11) Create programs and understand metabolic training
12) Help document and create systems for future interns
13) Assist in helping increase business profits
14) Networking and proposal creations
15) All other duties assigned by management


1. Junior or Senior status or approval by Fitness Revolution Owner
2. Any major is acceptable but fitness related majors and business majors are encouraged to apply
3. Able to take unpaid internship
4. Ability to work with direct supervision and ability to work with minimum supervision
5. Desire to learn all aspects of a fitness studio
6. Must have CPR certification
7. Professional liability coverage needed for any fitness training of clients.
8. Positive, caring, attitude for all clients
9. Creative thinking on how to grow a small business
10. Desire to do any aspect of running a small business.

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