Freight Frog Internship - Supply Chain startup (Currently in Round 3 of 5 of Shark Tank Application)

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DLS Worldwide
Company Location: Boston, MA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 2 Full-time, Paid

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Let's face it: moving sucks. Freight Frog was born to make moving suck and cost less.

Freight Frog is a supply chain/moving company startup based in the Boston area. We have combined two different industries to remove inefficiencies for people who are moving their stuff across the country.

We are looking for an intern to help us out with social media and making Freight Frog the go-to for anyone moving one room or less more than 200 miles in the US. The market for this specific industry is over 7 million people annually...we've recognized that the industry is ripe to be shaken up and Shark Tank has recognized us as a result! We are currently in the 3rd round of 5 to get onto the show. Be a part of the wild ride - we need to blow up so everyone has an opportunity to use this service!!

Intern will also help establish new vendors, book new customers, establish new partners

Your job will be to help develop a social medial strategy and then use the various social media outlets to implement the strategy. As we are a startup, we are lean and mean, fast and loose so be prepared to learn fast, contribute and roll with the punches.

There is a commission structure available - you can eat what you kill! interns are unpaid but receive a percentage of any sales they are responsible for...a truly entrepreneurial position. This will be fantastic for your resume and who knows you might even end up becoming a co-founder...

Email us a resume and tell us why you will rock in this position!!




We will have you update the various social media tools, book new business (That's how you get paid), establish contact with new vendors (as we roll out new cities) and establish partnerships with schools and other institutions in Boston and new cities.


Passion and a willingness to learn!!

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