Game Designer/Analytics Intern

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San Francisco Based gaming startup, BitPollen is looking for a Game Design Intern. This position Is perfect for someone who is interested in level design and analytics driven iterative design.

We are a company made up of game and tech industry veterans, banded together to solve one of biggest the problem facing the game industry - player acquisition. BitPollen has built a product to track player habits individually so they can find games they want to play, while still respecting their privacy. We use our own games and partners with exciting games and games product companies to refine our API.This is the decade of making sense of large amounts of data, and BitPollen is on the forefront.


You will be working under our head of games to help develop our unique vision of analytics driven game design by working with XML to make games and game levels better, and using Traditional Analytics to make design decisions while using BitPollen to deliver individualized game content to players.

8hrs/Week (4hrs/Week in Office)
3-4 months depending on the requirements of your program


The ideal candidate will be have a basic understanding of statistics as well as a proficiency in reading and writing xml code. Due to the specialized nature of our company it is also important that you be able to manage a complex system of files that effect each other in even more complex ways.

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