Help Desk Analyst

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Receive incoming service request calls

- Create service request tickets , assign technicians , and set due dates

- Communicate with end users on schedules and resolutions

- Managed help desk ticketing system to ensure all fields and filled out and things are being completed by due dates

-Provide timely and considerate Help Desk support and Follow documented processes

-Watch for alert on monitoring e-mail for critical and troubled events that are high priority

-Handling Receivables and shipping; tracking down all software and parts and accesories on inventory spreadsheets.

-Monitor failed backups and unread monitoring alerts


Company Name Swifttech Technology Solutions, LLC

Employer Web Site

Company Description
SwiftTech Technology Solutions, LLC is a professional IT consulting services company. We have the experience and the technical expertise to help achieve and sustain operational excellence. Our success is built upon the breadth and depth of our technical expertise, our flexibility, and our objectivity - we are hardware and software vendor independent. Our powerful set of service offerings are designed to help achieve and sustain operational excellence.

For more than 12 years SwiftTech Technology Solutions. has been providing real world IT solutions for public and private enterprises. Our clients are looking to enter markets quicker, deliver higher degrees of reliability and realize a faster return on their investment. When you partner with SwiftTech you gain access to our network of 60+ IT professionals and a vast array of resources all focused on delivering the solutions you need within budget and on time, every time. Quite simply we hire the best and encourage them to expand their knowledge base, share their skills with the team and take pride in our client relationships. From a customer standpoint, this translates into our ability to put together highly-specialized teams that efficiently and effectively deliver results.

With our innovative solutions in Cloud Computing , Technical Support , Hosted Desktops , Mobile Computing , Video Surveillance , Server Solutions , Networking , Data Security , and Data Recovery SwiftTech knows the technology it takes to succeed in todays hi-tech world. We have the tools and the know how to make your technology troubles a thing of the past.


Degrees Wanted
None Required

Majors Wanted
Architectural Technology; Computer Information Systems; Computerized Office Technology; Electronics Technology; Entertainment Technology

Job Targets Wanted
Information Systems; Network Technology; Technical Services

Minimum GPA 3.00

Other Job Requirements
-Recent Graduates
-Enrolled Students
-Strong Communication Skills
-Excellent Organizational Skills
-Proficient in English writing

How To Apply

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