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I am the founder of Zaahah, and I lead a really creative, talented and diverse team. We are trying to build something really big. But, we are preparing to launch and need help.

Zaahah is the simplest way to build communities; imagine Pinterest meeting Twitter and Tumblr. And, instantly connect users who are interested in the same topics. Combined, this is an amazing platform for online newspapers and other media.

We are selecting 6 interns to assume a leadership role in developing 2 markets. This is not filing or running errands. This includes,
- sharing your understanding of our target markets,
-providing input to improve our messaging,
-jointly create and implement marketing campaigns,
-working directly with clients and end-users

We are a transparent group and will involve you in nearly every aspect of a startup. We have raised a small amount of capital, but unfortunately, this is an unpaid internship. Now, that may change.

If you are interested being a part of this, please email me. I will personally take the time to show you Zaahah and share our vision. If there is mutual interest, I will do everything to make it a great experience.


James Sisneros
Founder & CEO

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