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Lifevantage Corporation
Company Location: San Diego, CA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 10 Part-time, Paid
Timeframe: ? — 10/03/13

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Be your own distributer and make money now.

Lifevanatage provides all the tools for you to get started in network marketing.

We provide a support team to call at any time with weekly evening meetings to answer all your questions.

Lifevantage produces only 2 products: TrueScience lotion and Protandim antioxidant therapy.

Protandim is the only antioxidant therapy that exists to reduce oxidative stress 40-70% in everyone. It is made from herbs. The pharmaceutical companies are trying to reproduce it but nothing can compare to it's performance, which has 4 patents on it's synergistic effects.

Receive internship credit and begin making a residual income for your life time.

This company is 3 years old and it's a break through in the health field. Timing is everything so get in now.

Contact: Mark Jackson (619) 246-0315
Melinda White (619) 733-1253


To recruit other independent distributers. To promote the product to friends and family.


The only requirement is to have the motivation to create a residual income and work when you choose.

How To Apply

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