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Are you a member of college greek life? If you are, We want You to join our team!

InnerGreek is a new exclusive social network that promotes the Fraternity and Sorority way of life. Founded by three Greek life members, InnerGreek provides Chapters the best way to efficiently maximize their Social presence, Recruitment, Chapter Management and Alumni Networking efforts. We believe that if the Chapters improve on the day-to-day activities that every Greek life member experiences, they will be able to be more socially active, better organized, and affluent all at the same time.

To support the launch of InnerGreek, we are looking for a total of 40 InnerGreek Founders on 40 campuses across the country to represent and promote the brand.

The InnerGreek Campus Founder program provides a unique opportunity for driven college Greek life students to launch InnerGreek on campuses around the nation.



• Represent InnerGreek as a founder at your school
• Receive InnerGreek promotional materials and gear
• Successfully acquire 40% minimum of Chapters at your school
• Speak with heads of Chapters about site and things to expect during sign up
• Induce virality at your school
• Provide support to Chapters if needed and maintain good relations
• Founders can promote at events, parties, bars, clubs or any other places you feel there is opportunity
• Report leads and successes weekly

Top Reasons to be an InnerGreek Campus Founder

Opportunity to Earn Money

• Earn 10% commission on all sales at your school
• Receive $100 for acquiring 40% of the chapters at your school, an additional $50 for acquiring 75% and a $100 Bonus for getting all the chapters at your school on InnerGreek
• Have opportunities for additional awards and incentives

Executive Experience

• Work first hand with the Founding Team
• Hands on experience launching a company at your school
• Work with a quick growing company

Great Exposure

• Network with leaders around the nation.


Ideal Founder MUST...

• Be energetic, outgoing, organized, professional, hard working and entrepreneurial
• Live and breathe the Greek life culture
• Be connected with most if not all Chapters at your school
• Have strong communication skills
• Be able to channel excitement and opportunity to heads of Chapters
• Have strong presence in Social Media

How To Apply

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