Interior Designer in an International Company

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Why Choose Us?
Many agencies in China have amazing internship opportunities for you. However, they do not know how to market themselves in the United States, and to earn your trust as a foreign company. Therefore, they hire us to act as an intercultural bridge between you and them. As a result, by working with Be Loud Marketing, you will have more access to more internship opportunities in China at free of charge.
We facilitate you to get an internship with our partner agencies in the city of your choice. We handle all correspondence to make sure you are on track, and not being annoyed or delayed by the time difference.
We are a marketing company, therefore our clients are the companies that hire us to market their services and products. So you are still paying the program fee to them at the same rate as if you were applying for it yourself, but at the same time enjoy a US agent to facilitate you! More bang for your buck.

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Bachelor degree or above in architecture and design;
Good design skills;
Independent and keen learn new things;
Good command of English, and ability to communicate with foreign designers and customers;
Mature personality, positive attitude, with high enthusiasm for work;


This international company been founded in 2002 in London, UK. It's a member of Royal institute of British Architects. Lots of the works have already become Urban business card and classic cases in the architects industry of many cities from all over the world. The design include kinds of fields, such as the exhibition, hotel, business, office, urban complex, residence, culture, entertainment, industrial park, and the research and development institutions and so on. The scope of the service includes the urban planning, architectural design, landscape design, interior design and project feasibility study and so on. The headquarters of the company is in UK and it also has branches in Shanghai and Beijing. The company offers a competitive salary incentive system and multifaceted training opportunities to the outstanding designers. We will provide an international working environment and very good culture atmosphere.
Outstanding candidates may be considered for full-time employment at the end of the internship.

KEY CHALLENGES (Critical Success Factors):
The designer must have primary and above professional technique, be in charge of the schedule and the quality of the design;
Collect and design original materials, make sure that the entire design bases are complete and correct. The designer should get the chief designer's idea and meditate, at the same time should have own design ability;
Using new technology and new method reasonably, make the design economically reasonable and suitable;
Make sure the graphic design done according to design standards. Modifications to drawings should be done according to the checking opinion of the quality control experts;
Coordinate with other professionals, to present the design requirements and materials on time;
Design drawings integrity, cuffing and distinct;
Design progress content required for the project plan;
Fill in the forms and sign according to the company regulations, send and receive e-mails, copy CDs, submit results;
To be in charge of the design of documents, drawings, materials

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