Intern Animator (Online internship)

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Vie Branding Co
New York, NY
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: Part-time, Unpaid

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The position requires intern to have strong knowledge or experience to build portfolio.
Independent Record Label looking for Intern Animator to contribute toward a marketing campaign within the organization. Intern will be allowed to service company through satellite position along with on site. Regular communication is A MUST. Animator should have the ability to contribute to the aesthetics, toolset and workflow for key frame character animation production. They will contribute to and spearhead the artistic creation of in-game and pre-rendered animation. Intern Animator should be capable of creating hand key-framed animation for humans, creatures, and vehicles to be integrated into in-game engines and/or cinematic sequences, for both body and face.Animation intern will participate in company Decision Making Process along with implementation. The Intern Designer is responsible for maintaining the visual integrity of the company as perceived by the market, and for strengthening brand presence within that market.


Intern will work with other departments to get hands on experience in management decision making, planning and control through the five step Decision Making Process pertaining to their department:

1. Indentify the problem and uncertainties
2. Obtain information through Market Research
3. Make predictions about the future
4. Make decisions by choosing among alternatives
5. Implement the decision, evaluate performance
6. Evaluate results and revise model

Internships are unpaid and available only to persons who will receive college or graduate level credit for their work. Required Hours: 300 hour internship with minimum 15 hours per week. Regular communication is A MUST.The intern will service all departments within the organization with various requests. Interns will work with other departments and assist in the innovative marketing/advertising of the artists
Please submit your resume and cover letter for consideration to Andrew at


PROCESS: Understanding of all different animation production is needed, from the pipelines for Character Animation, Motion Capture Animation and Technical Animation/Rigging. Must be flexible and constantly exploring new procedures.
TECHNICAL: Knowledge in Maya is encouraged. Aesthetics of character animation and movement required. Understanding of MotionBuilder is highly desirable.
PLANNING/IMPLEMENTATION: Strong pre-production skills desirable, including but not limited to Thumbnailing, Storyboarding, 2D and 3D animatics. Must understand basic pipelines and the nature of production cycles in the industry

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