Intern, Technician Internship Program (TIP)

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Nashville, TN
Application Deadline: No Deadline
Position: Part-time, Unpaid

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Position Description:

This position will successfully provide the Technician Intern with the hands-on experience and knowledge in a professional shop environment in order to transition into a full-time technician position.

  • Valid Driver's License


  • Minimum age requirements and work hours will be determined by State Law
  • Ability to professionally represent Ryder and competently engage both Ryder employees as well as customers
  • Competent in basic computer skills and in a Microsoft Office environment
  • Knowledge of Shop Management systems preferred
  • Demonstrated commitment to a safe work environment, quality execution, and customer service as evidence by previous experience and performance track record
  • Must have track record of above average attendance
  • Strong sense of personal accountability and a proven track record of achieving desired results
  • The Technician Internship Program (TIP) is intended to familiarize a tech student with all aspects of shop maintenance operations while actively enrolled in a trade school
  • The ultimate goal of a TI (Technician Intern) is to acclimate a student to Ryder's current business model, culture and practices which could potentially lead to future full-time employment, post-graduation
  • The TI must be able to fulfill all assigned training on a weekly basis as guided by assigned location mentor
  • The TI must be in good standing with his/her educational institution prior and throughout enrollment of TIP
  • He/she will work with local management to establish a work schedule not to exceed 34 hours per week and accommodate the educational commitments of the TI
  • As with all FMS Shop positions, the TI is responsible for adhering to all Ryder Maintenance Operations policies and procedures
  • This may also be a development position to prepare incumbents for other Technician level opportunities upon completion of the training and graduation from his/her educational institution

How To Apply

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