Intern for the Friendship Circle of Greater Mercer County

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Friendship Circle of Greater Mercer County
Company Location: Princeton, NJ
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 3 Part-time, Unpaid

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Friendship Circle Internship Job Descriptions

The Friendship Circle is seeking talented, outgoing, passionate interns to help us further develop out reach in the following areas:

1. Community Involvement Coordinator: One of the goals of the Friendship Circle is to reach out to the general community and educate them and encourage sensitivity toward those with special needs. The intern dedicated to this mission will assist with the following tasks:

• Help with the development of a multi-part curriculum to be used in schools/campuses (The goal is to train teens/students to volunteer with children and adults with special needs, as well as with seniors and cancer patients. The second part is explanations of the different common disabilities, their effects, best ways to approach those with each specific disability etc. We also want to include a simulation of common disabilities to allow students the chance to see the challenges of those with special needs. Lastly, we want to include tools to help those who are going through our training to share what they have learned with others.)
• Work with volunteer coordinator to reach out to local schools and let them know about our curriculum.
• Follow up with those currently using the curriculum.

Candidates for this internship should have:
• Background in education, specifically Special Ed.
• Excellent research, writing and communication skills.
• Demonstrated initiative to see projects through to completion.
• A strong interest in and commitment to those with special needs

2. Family and Volunteer Coordinator: Will assist with reaching out to new and already involved families and volunteers. Tasks include:

• Membership Director- We are establishing a membership program and this will mean include reaching out to new families and creating a benefit program; working with local businesses to offer discounts to families with special needs and outreach to local professionals, etc. for FC to partner with.
• Research- working with us to follow thru on our programs to see the change and difference they make in the life of the families and individuals involved; finding out the statistics in our local community and assessing the needs and changes as they occur; taking charge of our ongoing surveys and feedback system.
• Advocacy- working with our lawyers, as well as, reaching out to new ones to establish a working connection and general database for us to offer discount legal service to families with children/adults with special needs and to advocate for them. Also to create partnerships and have legal professionals donate some of their pro-bono hours to the FC
• Program Development- helping develop our existing programs as well as creating and implementing new ones as the membership grows and needs change- also involves taking care of our ongoing programs i.e. finding locations, scheduling, getting the word out (working with the pr) and making sure on day of, all shopping or other

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