Interns/Volunteer Consultants needed in Equatorial Guinea, West Africa!

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About The Ladybug Project:

The Ladybug Project Inc. is a community focused, data-driven nonprofit which undertakes innovative education and healthcare work in the African countries of Equatorial Guinea and Madagascar. As one of the only nonprofits to offer internships and work placements in the Spanish-speaking nation of Equatorial Guinea, we connect communities across the world in order to work towards our goal of facilitating locally-driven and sustainable change.

The work we undertake in Equatorial Guinea is unique. In all of the work we do, we focus on bridging the gap between existing resources to find novel solutions for existing social problems. We pride ourselves on working closely with the community, and in assisting others to do the same. If you have dreams of working in international development, or you've always yearned to help change the world, why not make those dreams a reality through The Ladybug Project?

What we are looking for:

Do you have the urge to work internationally? Do you feel you could inspire others to dream for a better life? Are you a motivated individual and hard worker? Come join us for our international development internships!

Our highly competitive placements are designed for individuals who are looking for a hands-on and real experience, in a way that is tailored to fit not only our target community’s needs, but yours as well.

To allow our interns and volunteer consultants the most rewarding work experience, we offer three different ways for you to get involved:

Volunteer Consultant Positions: Are you an experienced individual looking for a career change, or and young professionals seeking a resume builder? Come work for us as a volunteer consultant, where you will be assigned a specific project and partnership in our target community (tailored to your skills and interests)! These opportunities allow us to increase the capabilities of the local workforce in a way that is authentic and sustainable. Example work assignments include working hand-in-hand with an Equatoguinean entrepreneur who needs assistance in launching a new product line, or working with a local women’s organization to institute better sanitation procedures at healthcare facilities.

Project Interns: Are you looking for international experience, but you’re not sure if you’re ready to work as a full-fledged consultant? Intern with The Ladybug Project, and help us in our community outreach programs which span healthcare, education, and a wide-range of outreach and capacity building campaigns.

Graduate Students: We are happy to work with graduate students and provide semester-long, credit-based, research and/or project internships. With our network of supporters both in and outside the country, and our existing university research partnerships, we can provide you with the connected and forward-thinking learning environment you need!


Interns and volunteer consultants will be expected to work full-time, managing their assigned projects. This may include holding meetings with community members, planning outreach activities, and focus groups/data collection (in order to make sure that your program is appropriate for the target community). In essence, you will be taking ownership of a program and often taking an idea on paper and turning it into a tangible and sustainable program in the community.


All interns and volunteer consultants are asked to work on a full-time basis. Prospective interns must speak conversational Spanish and be at least 21 years old. Prior international travel or work experiences are viewed favorably during the application process. Successful applicants are advanced students or professionals who are ready to embrace the challenge of working in a developing country.

Interns and consultants who work successfully with The Ladybug Project Inc. are encouraged to consider advancing within The Ladybug Project Inc. organization, and we hope that you consider moving forward in your career with us.

How To Apply

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