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Our programs.

Airport Pickup. Our partner agency will send someone to wait for you at the airport, and give you a warm welcome! It could be intimidating with all the "ni hao" after 10 hours of flight on your own. That's why you will want a local person to guide you around.

Accommodation. With this all-inclusive program, you will have 4 week accommodation arranged at a serviced apartment near the city center. During this period, our partner agent will work with you to find a place that suits you better upon your request, or you can simple extend your stay at additional cost.

Welcome Package. Everything you need to hit the ground running. Welcome Package Includes: a messenger bag, city map, SIM card for your mobile phone, transportation card with credit, pocket-sized language guide, free VPN access which allows you to access Facebook, twitter and all sites that are being blocked by the Chinese Government, personal notebook and business cards. We truly thought of everything.

Orientation. We invite all new interns to the office for an informative orientation about living and working in China. Our oversea partner will inform you about major tourist attractions, provide general tips for daily life, and lend advice about how to succeed during your internship in China. Now mingle with other interns.

Welcome Party. You’ve arrived - let us celebrate the ‘Chinese style’ during a night filled with seemingly endless eating, drinking, and socializing. Whether it is Beijing Duck and Baijiu or Xiao Long Bao and Tsing Tao - we invite you and all other interns to join us for a celebratory feast.

City Tour. All interns are welcome to join the city tours that are available at our partner agency.

Internship Placement. ??Prior to arrival, we will find you an internship according to your background and interest. We will also escort you on the first day of your job to make the proper introduction. This is what you are here for.

Chinese Language Classes 4 hours/week (Optional). There is no better place to learn Chinese than in China. All of our interns have the option of adding intensive Mandarin lessons to their program package for an additional 248 USD/month - and many do! Learning a bit of Mandarin will help make your life way easier while in China and add some serious resume value when you return home. We also have other intensive Mandarin programs available.

Visa Assistance. You need to have an F visa in order to head to China for the internship, and of course once you passed the interview, we will send you the copy of the invitation letter so that you can apply for your visa.

Note: Applicants are responsible for covering any costs related to the visa application process.

And much more.

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Basic Requirement
- currently enrolled in University or recent graduates (Bachelor or Master)
- Proficient in English
- Basic MS office skills
- Excellent communication skills (verbal, written, presentation)

Other requirements vary depending on the industry/internship you are interested in.

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