IvoryTicket Consultant

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Company Location: Boston, MA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 20 Part-time, Paid

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IvoryTicket (www.ivoryticket.com) is a new college admissions consulting platform. The company connects high school students with current college students for school and general advice, essay review, and interview prep. All consultations are done remotely through video chat or over the phone. We are currently actively recruiting Consultants. IvoryTicket Consultants are current college students who will give admissions advice remotely via phone and/or online video chat. As a member of the inaugural team, this is could also be an opportunity to dictate future strategy and build relevant skills. This job is year-round and offers flexible hours (you choose to work as many or as little hours as you want, and only when someone schedules a consultation with you). Consultants are paid $20/hour of consulting.

To apply, please visit www.ivoryticket.com and click "Become a Consultant."

Contact: info@ivoryticket.com

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