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This position requires dedicated and full-time availability during each launch, with “downtime” between launches throughout the year.

The key responsibility of the Launch Manager is to capture the vision of a launch, ensure all the details are looked after, technology is in place, communication is tight and pieces are looked after so everything moves seamlessly through the launch period meeting our high standards. The Launch Manager is responsible for managing all details related to a launch, including activities of various team members (i.e. web developer); and takes pride in the success of the launch, and offers a high sense of personal responsibility to ensure things are organized and accounted for.
The Launch Manager will collaborate with the business owner, capture the vision of the launch strategy and take care of implementing the pieces to make it happen. Someone who is grounded with reality, connected with technology, systematic in their approach, accountable and who is confident in making suggestions and providing feedback would be ideal for this role.

This business will host several launches throughout the year which will require your full attention. The ultimate goal is for the Launch Manager to plug into the business to begin discussions around the launch, fully facilitate and manage the launch, and see it through to completion.


Manage a launch from idea to execution, including the creation of a plan, managing supporting team members and implementation of an online, centralized project management system.
Delegate to various members of the team for completion of applicable tasks, setting priorities and ongoing follow-up as required.
Implementation (doing) of applicable tasks within the launch with an eye for detail and the ability to dive into the “nitty gritty” aspects of what needs to be done.
Review website and overall content for accuracy
Collaborate on creation of new promotional content to support the launch — working with the team to organize and meet launch milestones.
Commitment: This is a virtually based position that requires you to have the equipment and capability to work from your own home office. The majority of work will be performed virtually. Full commitment is required during the launch phase (from preplanning to completion) – which may require work outside of normal business hours during peak launch times.


Wants to OWN the launch management side of the business. A love of taking charge and full ownership of a launch, working with team members and leading a launch from beginning to end – doing whatever it takes to get things done.

Can thrive in a fast-paced environment; juggling multiple projects simultaneously
Is results oriented; a self starter and an independent thinker with an income producing mindset.

Can easily handle multiple tasks, projects and vendors, juggle multiple tasks simultaneously, manage and prioritize minute-by-minute and is exceptionally responsive.

Can thrive working independently, from home.

Has a love of internet marketing and personal development and a familiarity / practical experience in the execution of all facets of online business, including launches, copywriting, product planning and creation, traffic generation.

Is confident and has the ability to provide suggestions and feedback.

A superstar attitude with a warm and embracing personality.

High value for strategic planning, organization and execution.

An active, open, honest communicator, loves being part of a team, loves contributing to others.

Can offer a strong commitment to the business owner, to be THE person responsible for everything to do with a launch – taking the client's vision and implementing the pieces to make it happen.

Understands affiliate programs and joint ventures; can hold and cultivate key relationships.

A strong marketing mindset and an understanding of how the role and all decisions need to contribute to the ultimate vision of the business.

Experience with project management software and the ability to create and run the full implementation of a project via online software.

Understanding of the basic online technology programs – 1ShoppingCart, HTML and WordPress with the ability to send broadcasts and act as technical backup.

Ability to be fully present and ‘on’ during launch periods; knowing that ‘rest’ time will come after the launch.

Offer a brilliantly positive attitude and bring solutions to the table when a challenge is faced.

Has at least 2 years of applicable on-line experience in one or more of the fields of marketing, ecommerce, coaching, project management, personal development or other related area of study

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