Learn to be a Growth Hacker with this Early Stage Startup

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Boston, MA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: Part-time, Unpaid

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We're a Boston-based consumer-web startup, and we're seeking a smart, energetic, and entrepreneurial Growth Hacker. Our mission is to change the world by making it easy for college students to gain the real-world experience they need to create a successful career. We're backed by top-tier Boston angels and have a rockstar team to make this happen.
This is a great gig for someone who wants to become familiar with all aspects of the startup process, from product development to business development to community management and marketing to social media.

What’s a Growth Hacker you ask? Here’s the gist: you’re a tech-savvy superstar who loves a challenge. If there’s a problem that needs you to learn basic python to script a solution, you jump at the chance. If our servers are on the fritz and it takes ten minutes to get them back up, you’ll have done it in six. If we’re not populating spreadsheets efficiently enough, you step in with a solution.

Along the way you'll learn everything there is to know -- and more -- about email marketing and managing a hugely popular daily email list.



• Work 15-40 hours per week from our offices at 40 Berkeley Street in Boston's vibrant South End.
• Help design and implement the tools we need to keep us running smoothly.
• Manage and help design our website.
• Research and recommend ways to automate and streamline our operations.
• Work with a team of talented, passionate people to help fulfill our immense vision.


Qualifications: (If the following descriptions apply to you, you will be enormously successful here!)

• Scrappy: You're a GSD person - the type of person who Gets Sh*t Done, no matter what. You're scrappy, entrepreneurial, and highly execution-oriented. Once you're pointed in the right direction, you make things happen with gusto!

• Passionate: You're excited about our mission, a perfectionist in your work, and ready to work hard to help us succeed!

• Techie: You love everything about computers and technology. In your spare time you taught yourself a new scripting language just for fun and you never back down from a challenge.

Specifically, we’re looking for someone who has experience with linux email servers, the latest scripting languages, PHP, MySQL, Javascript/Jquery, AJAX, creating database backups using Linux Terminal and parsing Excel files into an HTML format. Top notch Excel skills and great documentation habits are also highly desirable.

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