Li-Ning Business Assistant Internship in Head Office

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Why Choose Us?
Many agencies in China have amazing internship opportunities for you. However, they do not know how to market themselves in the United States, and to earn your trust as a foreign company. Therefore, they hire us to act as an intercultural bridge between you and them. As a result, by working with Be Loud Marketing, you will have more access to more internship opportunities in China at free of charge.
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We are a marketing company, therefore our clients are the companies that hire us to market their services and products. So you are still paying the program fee to them at the same rate as if you were applying for it yourself, but at the same time enjoy a US agent to facilitate you! More bang for your buck.

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Proficiency level in the English language (both oral and written).
Excellent PC skills including MS Office tools.
Degree in Business Administration or Law is a plus.

Starting date - Flexible.
Interns are welcome to enjoy company’s benefits such as free-of-charge access to available sport facilities.
Shuttle bus is provided for commuting to and from the company.
Flexible schedule with at least 4 days per week.


The Li-Ning Company is the leading sport goods manufacturer popular both in China and Hong Kong and a strong competitor for such brands as Nike and Adidas.
The Li-NIng company has been listed on Hong Kong stock exchange since 2004 and has reached annual revenues of almost 10 bln. CNY. It currently employs around 4215 people and provides various spectacular sport facilities for its employees such as large-size swimming pool, fully equipped gymnastics room, tennis court, etc.
As one of the leading sports brand enterprises in the PRC, Li-Ning possessing brand marketing, research and development, design, manufacturing, distribution and retail capabilities. The Group's products mainly include footwear, apparel, equipment and accessories for sport and leisure uses under its own LI-NING brand.
The Group has established an extensive supply chain management system, and a distribution and retail network in the PRC primarily through outsourcing of manufacturing operations and distribution via franchised agents. The Group also directly operates retail stores for the LI-NING brand.

Proofreading, reviewing and assistance in drafting company’s legal documents.
Establishing and maintaining contacts with international law firms.
Translation of documents and interpretation during meetings.
Legal research and data collection.
Other tasks as assigned by supervisor.

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