Lighting Technician Internship

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In the Lighting Technician internship you will be working in the film department operating lighting equipment to create the right atmosphere for filming. Lighting technicians hang, circuit, color, and focus the lighting design for each show. You must be able to work quickly and safely with a variety of types of equipment and have a thorough understanding of stage lighting technology.


-Set up and focus lights
-Communicate with other film staff to interpret their creative vision into the lighting design
-Visit and assess locations for technical purposes
-Assemble all the lighting and filter equipment needed
-Ensure all lighting equipment is in working order
-Manage the lighting budget
-Collaborate with the producer and sound technician throughout the projects
-Select lights and equipment to be used and organize any additional equipment
-Set up, focus and operate light fixtures and equipment
-Explore new techniques and special effects
-Pack down lights after usage
-Other related duties


-Knowledge of equipment
-High-level technical and creative skills
-Strong communication skills, verbal and written
-Hard working and dependable
-Organization and the ability to multi-task

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