Listing agent assistant

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Urban Living International
418 8th street
Brooklyn, NY
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: Full-time, Paid

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The intern will learn and assist with various methods of new client generation and learn how to convert potential leads into active clients.
The intern to receive formal training in Real Estate management and will assist the listing agent in acquiring a signed listing agreement and preparing the property to go on the market (repairs, improvements, photography, staging, etc.)


The intern will first observe and train on data entry and data management and will then assist staff members in use of the Urbanliving international database to increase his/her skills and knowledge of this system. The intern will receive instruction on and then assist with managerial and listing activities, including training on how to schedule property checks in/ Checks outs; the intern will shadow every day duties of apartment manager and will assist with use of the data base, scheduling appointments and assist with support tasks to bring short term projects to conclusion.
The intern will learn various techniques to general leads and covert them into clients. He/she will observe and assist her supervisor in cold calling, networking, effective online and print advertising, mailing brochures, maintaining regular communication with the sphere of influence contacts (monthly newsletters, post cards, publication advertising). The trainee will assist with keeping track of online reviews and social media networking, keeping Urban Living presence online. The intern will sit in during new landlords meetings, take notes on their search criteria and assist his/her supervisor with the follow up. Building on the previous phase, the intern will utilize his/here database skills in creating a search criteria for new listings. He/she will assist the supervisor with scheduling viewing appointments and keeping track of results in client files. Through this observation, the intern will learn superior customer service and importance of punctuality, professionalism and records management.


networking, communication skills, punctuality, high level of organization and self management.

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