MAKE A CHANGE: Assist those with severe physical disabilities. Team KOKO needs you!

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KEEP ON KEEPING ON is a nonprofit organization assisting those living with severe physical disabilities and educating and empowering others to make a difference in their community

Who We Are

The Keep On Keeping On Team (TEAM KOKO) consists of a group of caring volunteers eager to make a difference in the Special Needs Community.

Our focus is to both assist and raise awareness for those living with severe physical disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy and Muscular Dystrophy. It will forever be our duty to help others see more than just a "chair" or a disability, but to see an individual who has a lot to offer. We believe that anything is possible, and we will never give up on those who need our help most. We live by a simple motto: As long as you have a pulse, you must never give up, you must always...Keep On Keeping On!


Our Founder and President Tim Wambach met Mike Berkson in the summer of 2001. Mike at the time was a 12-year old kid, living with Cerebral Palsy. Mike’s sense of humor and overall attitude towards life inspired Tim to help others like Mike, and to educate and empower the rest. In the Spring of 2005 Tim wrote the book “Keep On Keeping On” (updated and republished as “How We Roll”), the story of his relationship with Mike. To create even more Awareness, Tim organized a 1-man run where he was to cover the distance between Orlando, FL to Chicago, IL during the month of August 2005. This run brought together the founding members of what is now The Keep On Keeping On Foundation. Dave Kunicki and Dan Joyce were pulled to the cause, and assisted Tim during his run. Shortly after, they started planning how to keep the momentum going and continue to raise awareness for the Special Needs Community. The team planned an annual christmas fundraiser called “Santa Cause” that has proved to be wildly successful. The overwhelmingly positive reaction to what they were trying to do proved to Tim, Dave and Dan that their calling was on a much larger scale. Armed with a dream and a call to action they received 501(c)(3) tax status in August 2007, and The Keep On Keeping On Foundation was born. KOKO now has a team of over 50 year-round volunteers, and hosts several fundraisers and special events each year to assist and raise awareness for those living with severe physical disabilities.

We are looking for two interns for the summer and fall. Please view the responsibilities section of this post to see if you'd be a good match.


Position 1:

You are a research minded, technology savvy social media enthusiast. We are searching for people who can are interested in grant writing and research. Individuals who are looking to expand their portfolio in social media marketing, crowd sourcing and outreach are encouraged to apply. You will work along side the Executive Director, developing and implementing social change and awareness protocol.

Position Two:

You are a sales-minded, quick witted individual that loves talking. We are looking for someone who call prospect leads for our "Handicap This!" show. Ideal candidates will have previous sales experience approaching "warm" leads, are looking to expand and diversify their communication and selling kills and enjoy giving back to the community. Team KOKO utilizes "Handicap This!" as a major source of funding our continued efforts to assist those who have severe physical disabilities.


We expect the following from applicants:

- A cover letter stating why they want to be a part of Team KOKO.
- The ability to dedicate 15-20 hours a week working an a collaborative, small-team oriented environment.
- A minimum 3.0/4 GPA in any major.
- Previous sales experience, with an interest in sourcing prospects and cold calling.
- A desire to learn about the non-profit world, social fundraising, and the grant acquisition process.

How To Apply

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