MBA student internship at Superior Practices

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GIC group
Company Location: Athens, GA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 2 Full-time, Unpaid

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Superior Practices is looking for a qualified MBA student intern to join our marketing/business development team. Superior Practices is a sales powerhouse dealing with projects in the Telecommunication and Banking Industries. Main activities include:
- Big Data Analytics
- Mobile Marketing Solutions
- Location Based Analytics & Marketing
- Mobile Digital Content Solutions
- Social Media Solutions
- Gamification Platforms
- Web Development
- Cross Platform Applications development
- Content Management Solutions
- Incubation
- Early stage investments
Cease the opportunity to become part of our team and assess your abilities in the competitive international business environment. You will have the chance to participate in projects in Major Mobile Operators and Bank institutes. Broaden your knowledge and gain first-hand working experience on a wide range of Business Development Projects.
The management consists of Insead, MIT and Alba MBAs as well as banking and Telco industry experts. Superior Practices is part of the Gulf Investor Circle Group Portfolio Companies, a Dubai based investment fund. Remote work is welcomed, as the team is international with daily skype meetings, conference calls, brainstorming and business development sessions.


As an Intern at Superior Practices, you are going to undertake the following tasks:
- Market & Competition Analysis
- New market entry methodology including partnerships, Strategic JVs
- Business Development & Project Management
- New revenue streams definition and development
- Support in business plan development giving the investment requirements and expected payoffs
- Sourcing of sales deals related to the activities of Superior Practices
- Relationship management with country’s major telecom operators
- Direct contact with major clients and executives worldwide
- Reporting directly to CEO


- Exceptional Academic Achievements
- Previous Working Experience will be considered an asset
- Good analytical skills
- Constructive, problem solving attitude
- Logical thinking & planning
- Ability to work with precision
- High knowledge of Microsoft Excel
- Excellent command of English language
- Good interpersonal and negotiation skills
- Genuine Interest in Mobile and/or Banking Industries is a plus
- Foreign Languages: English fluent, French / other a strong plus
- An Engineering Background is a plus
- Experience dealing with data mining and analysis is a plus
- Ability to work alone, and also ability to delegate tasks to 2-3 people

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