Marginalised Women's Empowerment in rural India

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Young Women's IDEA
Punjab and Himachal Pradesh India
New Delhi, IL
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: Full-time, Unpaid

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Throughout India, there are various marginalized groups that are particularly disadvantaged and vulnerable. These include, migrants, trash pickers, sex workers, lower caste groups etc. Women in these groups are especially vulnerable and often face a complex range of social, economic and health issues.

The Marginalised Women’s Empowerment project manager is responsible for facilitating, negotiating and monitoring community empowerment and transfer initiatives in order to secure and monitor opportunities for community development for marginalised women.

The research and development stage of this project currently includes conducting a gender needs assessment to identify the specific needs of the women in the various communities in order to compile a list of areas that the project might target in the future to improve their lives.

This involves working with women and young girls to empower them to;

Identify their needs, opportunities, rights and responsibilities
Plan what they want to achieve, and take appropriate action
Develop activities and services to improve their lives


Extra skills required for the marginalised women’s empowerment project;

Studies and/or work experience in gender studies
Ability to research and identify community issues, needs and problems
Ability to develop new community-based program and resources

Minimum 3 months committment

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