Maverick Intern wanted:

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Company Location: North Bergen, NJ
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 3 Part-time, Unpaid

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Who we are: Clubcraft is an American "can do", education team for trainers and therapists in Asia , in the fields of golf, physical therapy , and personal training. Our business model is educating trainers and subcontracting them to golf clubs in HK and Canton. We are branching out to Malaysia and USA. We also teach therapy and personal training courses to sports clubs and trainers in Asia.
You could describe us as : The team: militaristically-like disciplined trainers that have a personality;
Their cilents- kids that want a chance in life of making something of themselves and some oldies that need guidance before they wreck their bodies even more. . Led by a Swashbuckling, nerd incarnated intelligently with muscle, hell bent on disrupting the old and stuffy.
What we need: work on and updating website and marketing materials. -we give u content, use your creativity to realize it. Just make sure it looks racing sharp, cleverly humourous and military heartbeat.
Paid with experience of working with a start up team and making it happen and Free workout tips!
Hours needed? 20+/- hours a week needed? We have no idea..
Where? Satellite position and involved in company direction meetings via skype or other voip use.
Golf is a very conventional , uptight and proper kinda market. We are disciplined , realistically non-paper and very un-conventional. Hell we wear skulls on our rings and buckles not sports advertisements. Not all do-gooders wear a cape and a shiny bright smile. Prefer our designer to be of same spirit- maverick , savvy, black diamond.

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update and add "color and culture portrayal" to our website and marketing mediums


Experience in web design and graphic art in a commercial or private setting.

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