Voices Internships

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Operations Systems Internships
The operations team manages all of Voices’ IT, technical and financial needs. This internship offers an opportunity to gain practical accounting skills and manage technical equipment and learn to troubleshoot when IT complications arise. Interns will also become familiar with Convio, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, Survey Monkey and other programs. Computer science and business management students are preferred.

Communications Internships (including Web/Database, Online Communications and Media Communications)
The use of strategic communications is integral in carrying out effective child advocacy. Voices’ communications team supports the organization’s many efforts to improve the lives of children through strategic media relations, enhanced Member communications and purposeful internal communications. This comprehensive communications approach is designed to motivate positive change in those three areas.

Policy Internships
The policy team supports state child advocates in their work in a variety of issue areas, including income supports (including welfare reform), child welfare (including protective services, foster care, and adoption), early care and education, and children’s health. The policy team also provides training and technical assistance on advocacy skills and supports members’ strategic advocacy activities.

Membership Internships
Voices’ membership team works to strengthen and fund the basic organizational structure, daily operations, and planning work of Voices’ members. This internship is a terrific opportunity to gain greater knowledge and skill in organizational development, communications, and fundraising in the pursuit of better public policy for children and their families.

Executive Office Internships
The CEO/President serves as the organization’s ultimate decision-maker. Interns who work in the EO will gain firsthand experience in nonprofit management and fund development.

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