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American Income Life Insurance Comapny
1910 S. Highland Ave, Suite 200
Lombard, IL
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 10 Full-time, Paid

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American Income Life (AIL) specializes in supplemental benefits to 22,000 Labor Unions, 2,000 professional associations (such as Police, Fire and Nurses etc.,) and 2,000 credit unions. AIL was started in 1924, headquartered in Waco, Texas and is part of the Torchmark family of insurance companies. In 2011, AIL grew by 26% in the Chicagoland area and 23% in its worldwide market. It has been rated by Yahoo Hot Jobs as one of the top 100 (#31) companies to work for and the number "1" insurance company to work for.

The VAZQUEZ Agency is the FASTEST growing agency within AIL and is expanding in the Chicagoland area. Our company is doing something unheard of - WE ARE HIRING! No, you are not reading this wrong. While most other companies are forcing people to retire early or just straight out laying people off and/or closing their doors, WE ARE HIRING!

This is A ONCE IN A LIFETIME opportunity to make six figures, full benefits after 90 days, and be trained by one of the best Master General Agent's (MGA’s) in the country! I am reaching out to you with an offer to start a career with a well established and expanding INTERNATIONAL company. I can offer you job stability, we have not had a layoff or downsizing in over 54 years, I can offer you a career and not just another job and the opportunity of financial security, not just while employed with us, but into your retirement years.

SCHEDULE INTERVIEW ---> CALL TODAY (815)603-6286! or SEND resume to


Student Ambassador Program (SAP)

The American Income Life Student Ambassador Program hires students on college campuses to promote opportunities with AIL. Their goal is to build the AIL brand at the grass-roots university level among their peers, university contacts and professors. Student ambassador duties are required for three to four hours a week on school campuses.

What a Student Ambassador Does

Student ambassadors are interns who work for a State General Agent to build a community on their school or university campus. They learn all about American Income Life and share that knowledge with fellow students. This includes activities such as:

1) Acting as on-campus recruiters;
2) Promoting American Income Life events and contests;
3) Building relationships with Ambassadors from other schools;
4) Initiating and hosting information sessions;
5) Building relationships with student organizations and faculty…and many other brand-building activities.

Benefits for Student Ambassadors

Students who work as ambassadors have a rare opportunity to learn about American Income Life directly from the source. Campus ambassadors also get valuable work experience, knowledge about the insurance industry, and make connections at American Income Life that will give them an advantage as they prepare to enter the workforce. American Income Life/State General Agents offer campus ambassadors an extensive training curriculum and support them with state-of-the- art training, marketing materials, demos, presentations, and much more.

What are the qualifications?

This opportunity is open to students from any major: from Computer Science and Engineering to Anthropology, Liberal Arts, Business and Zoology! Student Ambassadors must be:

• Currently enrolled in a college or university in North America
• Pursuing a BA/BS, MS or Associates degree
• Passionate about helping people
• Able to plan events and manage a budget
• Actively involved in student life on campus

What do campus ambassadors do?

Campus ambassadors typically work less than five hours per week, but they take on an array of responsibilities, including:

• Talking to classes (tapping professors who allow speakers)
• Talking to students and making referrals
• Attending career fairs and information sessions with the campus team
• Initiating and conducting information sessions
• Acting as greeters at campus interviews
• Putting up flyers and posters on campus
• Developing relationships with student organizations
• Making contact with career center staff
• Making contact with faculty
• Meeting with the campus team when the team is on campus and during the summer internship
• Giving teams contact information and other “intelligence” that will help the recruiters understand the campus
• Helping the campus team with logistics for campus events.

The Student Ambassador Program Position can lead to a FULL-TIME position!!!!


- Understand cost-reduction principles and how to implement goals
- Possess skills at assessing issues, defining solutions, and implementing strategy
- Perform well in environment that values leadership, efficiency, dependability, and organization

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