Non Profit Business Intern- On Site

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Under close supervision, perform entry level professional duties of moderate difficulty providing the opportunity for professional training in various offices throughout the Agency. Perform assigned duties to acquire knowledge of methods, procedures and standards required for successful performance. May perform duties such as gathering and organizing data to provide information for departmental special projects or reports; basic arithmetic computations; assist in preparing written reports; accompany professional level employees on assignments; conduct interviews with clients or Agency personnel to obtain basic information for departmental use; contacts outside agencies by phone to request or give information and other related duties as assigned. Assignments serve to offer practical experience and broad exposure to the Agency’s organizational structure. Utilizes current agency-wide and/or department specific software to complete assignments.

Specific activities vary by assignment. A wide range of college majors are considered based on specific needs of department such as: Marketing , Finance, Business Administration, Human Resources, Recreation, Purchasing, Public Administration, Community Development and Communications.


• Applies research techniques and analytical methods to the study of administrative systems, organizational structures, policies and procedures.

• Conducts special studies in conjunction with a project, analyzes data and makes recommendations based upon studies.

• Responsible for project assignments, research and analysis.

• Provides information and assistance to the general public and other governmental agencies.

• Prepares project reports, progress summaries, statistical analysis, and related data.

• Analyzes, generates and maintains records and other reference material necessary for departmental use.

• Answers and makes phone calls, responds to program related questions and sends written material as appropriate.

• Composes, types and prints reports, general letters, spreadsheets, e-mail, and memoranda from rough drafts or general instructions, involving the assembly of data from computer and paper file or record sources.

• Using the Agency's computer network and standard and proprietary software, prepares reports analyzing specific aspects of department structures, functions and/or operational procedures.

• May assist in interviewing and communicating with children, parents, schools, and other agencies as needed, to determine background information and client/parent needs for counseling.

• May conduct initial and ongoing interviews with referred clients to gather and subsequently analyze information and social history to resolve identified issues.

• Must meet with Board of Directors once every two weeks on site

• Must sign a non-disclosure agreement

• Utilizes current agency-wide and/or department specific software to complete assignments


1. Have obtained at least 4 months in a degree program

2. Currently be enrolled or can show proof of pending enrollment at an accredited college or university.

3. Pass the complete examination, including the employment medical, established for this internship.



Employees must submit to immunizations as required by the Department of Health & Human Services and submit to a tuberculin skin test or chest x ray at Agency expense.

Before beginning employment candidates will be required to provide Nana’s House Child Care Center that they have not been named in a central registry case as the perpetrator of child abuse or child neglect. In addition, applicants being considered for hire will be asked to sign a form authorizing Nana’s House Child Care Center to request and receive a criminal history check in accordance with the privacy act of 1974.

Applicants for positions at Nana’s House Child Care Center will not be considered if they have been convicted of either of the following:

(a) Child Abuse or Neglect.
(b) A felony involving harm or threatened harm to an individual within the 10 years immediately preceding the date of hire.

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