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Rogue Waters is a Missouri Non-Profit seeking to promote awareness of the economic, ecologic and cultural impact of the current decline of the Salmon population in the Pacific Northwest.

The Pacific Northwest salmon have always been a vital part of the heritage, culture and economy of the Pacific Northwest. However, today the fish are nearly extinct because of pollution, urban growth, dams, logging, over fishing and other man-made threats.

The production of our book, "Rogue Waters - A Salmon's Journey", is our largest ongoing project. That includes raising money for our research trips, and book production. Maintenance of our Facebook and Twitter accounts and engaging and increasing our audience is secondary. Also in our focus, is becoming an IRS 501(c)3, raising funds to accomplish that as well as to cover the day to day costs of running a non profit organization.


Assistance in managing the Twitter and Facebook presence.
Creating a successful fall fundraising campaign.
Increasing our audiences on Twitter and Facebook.
Finding new venues to promote our cause
Working on the website to update and improve it.


• Excellent interpersonal, communication and writing skills.
• Outstanding organizational and follow-through skills. Strict attention to detail is a must; ability to multi-talk is essential.
• Strong analytical and critical thinking skills
• Experience in Microsoft Office, Word,PowerPoint, Exel
• Prior experience with Social Media very helpful.

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