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Global Strategy is able to provide business representation all over the world, but specializes in business consulting for companies wanting to do business in the United States, Eastern Europe, and the former Soviet Union.

Development of International Business Relationships

Developing relationships across vast distances requires a profound understanding of the cultures involved, as well as an ability to meet with potential contacts on the ground at any time. We assist in bridging distances between cultures and countries in order to help develop brands, company profiles, and products for American and Baltic marketplaces.

Global Strategy will also help to create opportunities to visit the United States or Baltic States with your team for meetings and consultations. Additionally, we will provide special business programs/panels to heighten awareness of your business.

Representing our clients’ interests

We approach each of our customers’ needs individually and build a specific service package tailored to their areas of activity, their customers and markets, and their overall business strategy and goals. Global Strategy helps its clients to come up with a business plan, goals, as well as effective means to reach them.

Establishment of a virtual or physical office

Building, managing, and developing ties for entities overseas requires platforms specifically designed to handle such issues. Depending on the client’s needs, we will open and manage virtual and physical offices, through which all business interactions will be conducted.

One or several team members will be assigned to supervise each virtual/physical office for each client. Additionally, the person in charge is thoroughly familiar with the client and their needs in order provide the most efficient services possible. We believe in a professional, yet personable business approach and painstakingly review our employees before designing the best team for each project so that our representative and the client work as a successful team.

Business plans and models

Have you ever found yourself in a position in which you had a clear vision, but you were not entirely certain how to reach the goals and aims of your company? That is where Global Strategy comes in. We learn about you and your needs first, assess the market opportunities, and then come up with a comprehensive business plan to suit your needs.

Pre-selection of potential clients, partners and investors

Once your business grows and word spreads about your resources and services, you will find yourself receiving considerable interest in your company, such as proposals, calls, and e-mails from individuals and companies. Global Strategy will review the incoming information, check the profiles and backgrounds of all potential contacts, and then pre-select and organize them before presenting the information to you in a format that best suits your needs.


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