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We are looking for contributors who will be willing to write and share articles related to finance and investment. Most of the current content on the site is 'curated' content, please familiarise yourself with this term if it is unfamiliar to you.

We would like some competent writers seeking to build their personal profiles write for a very thriving blog with already 650 articles posted and indexed on google in the last 30 days.

It is a perfect opportunity to build a profile, put your writing and blogging skills to the test and make a name for yourself in the industry.


We would require a commitment of a minimum two articles per week from writers. Once created, we would like you to share these articles on the social media platforms that you have an account on.


Have a solid and competent level of english. We would like expressive writers with opinions and views, facts by themselves are boring but accompanied with opinion and flare, articles become an exciting read.

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