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PlusNavigator, Inc.
Company Location: Chicago, IL
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 2 Part-time, Unpaid

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We've developed PlusNavigator, the premier online destination for full figured women with questions about plus size shopping and apparel. To support our growing community, we actively manage our accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Blog, email, etc.

Our users are often genuinely looking for solutions to a variety of questions, simple and complex. Most of our users ‘go it alone’ and shop solo, we’re here to help. Plus Size shoppers (like all shoppers alike) should be empowered, excited and thrilled about when and where they spend their hard earned dollars. The required time that this involves is taxing on the founders, which is why we're seeking help.


* Blogging: ( - Find / create interesting plus size industry news and publish stories in our existing Tumblr account. Our preference is for a light-hearted, witty tone, authentic with personality.

* Facebook / Twitter / Pinterest: maintain these accounts and make efforts to increase interaction with other industry players and our following on these platforms. We’re not solely focused on numbers, but engagement is our primary focus these days.

* Emails: we get roughly 10-50 emails per day from users that are happy, angry, hungry, etc - we need you to respond to these users in a way that will bring them tighter into our community and result in the most satisfaction with just how fantastic PlusNavigator is, and how it’s designed to simplify their lives.

* Industry outreach: we need you to read other industry news, comment on stories (to create back links and notoriety in the industry), and assert (y)our knowledge into the community as experts.

* Niche plus size outreach: reach out to identified niche plus size publications.

* Tedious, boring minutia: entering mission critical plus size oriented data into our database; fixing content issues; helping build content; We promise to keep you clear of busy work, and working on things that impact the bottom line of the business.

* Media outreach: get us into some headlines. Lather, Wash, Rinse, Repeat: we’ll provide you with the framework.

* You tell us: this position will be very flexible. If you're doing something that will help us grow, we'll support it. Creativity will be very much encouraged.
We're a Founder Institute Incubator alum working out of Chicago’s 1871 community. If you think you'd be a good match, please tell us why. We're looking to bring someone in asap. SEO and SEM experience would be very highly valued, but not expected.

Applicants can send any information that they feel is appropriate to or via fax at 630-839-5036.

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