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A Scandalously Fabulous
Company Location: Fayetteville St. Mall, NC
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 12 Part-time, Unpaid

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One of the ways we distinguish ourselves from other sites is by injecting humor into our articles, not a judgement-based stance. Because we view the lighter side of life and everything it offers, our company is growing at a tremendous pace. With that said, our national marketing campaigns have just started, so we need help. That's where an intern comes in:

In this position, we need staff who are committed to excellence while not forgetting how to have a good time.

Note: Monthly stipends will be offered for this position as you learn and grow in your contributions to the site.


Research what’s trending in the news and social media in order to help promote various posts in a variety of ways.
-Research before posting your article to avoid possible plagiarism of ideas, to find your own take on the subject at hand, etc.
-Experience and a comfort level with social media tools and techniques
-Knowledge of MLA, APA, CMS and other business and Associated Press documentation styles if quoting material from another source, in order to avoid plagiarism.
-Respond to readers comments in a timely manner. This helps us continue our motto of promoting good will, as well as offering practical advice by informing or reaffirming certain notions.
-Generate buzz on a post by posting and responding to comments in your specified section (Ex: Wow, Ooh La La, etc.)
-Help reduce spam on the site. As the intern for a particular section (Yikes!-Family, Career, Wow, Things That Make You Go...SMH, Juicy News and Gossip, Scandalous Sex and Ooh La La!-Food & Travel), you will need to check each topic and their sub-pages for spam.
-Share posts on social media accounts (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.).
-Keep conversation going on the site's Twitter, Facebook, etc.
-Help determine poll ideas, depending on what's trending in the media.
-Help answer comments in site's email account. Important message should be forwarded to CEO/Founder.
-Help come up with witty Twi/Face Responses that can be reposted into our site and encourage member participation.
-Contribute to other witty columns by garnering participation from friends, family, etc, for pages such as 'Monday Morning B*&$H Line,' 'What Are You Humping This Hump Wednesday?' and 'TGIF' posts.
-Offer ideas for video clips.
-Assist with overall site maintenance and other duties as assigned.

All interns should be available to check on the site sporadically throughout the day. However, only 15-20 hours a week is needed. Furthermore, interns shall report to the Founder directly concerning Time Sheets, monitoring tasks perfomed, and all questions about their duties. This could be a great opportunity for someone seeking experience in a small, but growing online publishing/multimedia company.


-Must be familiar with MS Word, and other MS Office Suite, via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Google+.
-Should have had majored in Journalism, English, Communication, Video/Audio Production, Graphic/Web Design, or anything that grants you experience with Word, rtf, pdf, tifs, jpegs, SEO practice and other standards of online publishing.
-Assist with moderating comments and activity on the site.
-Excellent writing and English skills
-Familiarity with online media (basic HTML, CMS and SEO experience) highly desirable
-Web savvy
-Part-time commitment
-Relationship-minded sales skills
-Experience and a comfort level with social media tools and techniques
-Stellar interpersonal and communication skills
-A natural sense of urgency; ability to juggle other initiatives at the same time
-Self-motivated skills, only needs minimal attention to perform
-Assist editor/founder with editing the site and other duties as assigned.
-Assist editor with highlighting quality articles from the Scandalous Pages to market on our Homepage.
-Possess good writing skills and should showcase your best work every time you post. More importantly, you should be versed in basic rules of grammar, such as avoiding errors in spelling, punctuation, and so on.
-Should always strive for professionalism and original content and voice, as each contributor should have a unique way of producing content on the same subject matter usually appearing on hundreds of other blogs. It may also turn the conversation to something that offers valuable feedback from readers and may offer an idea for future posts.
-Will graduate to contributing a post for your section once a week

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