PathSource Fellowship Program (Paid Internship)

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1633 Bayshore Highway, Suite 139
Burlingame, CA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 2 Part-time, Paid

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About the company:

PathSource ( offers 1-3 minute informational interviews on video to help young people select careers and decide what to do with their lives. These videos form the heart of a complete career navigation solution. San Francisco is putting PathSource into every one of its high schools. PathSource is being used in other districts and in charter schools as well. Substantial data from our pilots indicates that PathSource is the most effective career navigation tool on the market.

PathSource has raised angel capital and is seeing rapid growth. You'll have an opportunity to work directly with senior management, which includes a senior education professional, a Harvard Business School and Kennedy School grad and serial entrepreneur, and a 3-time Emmy winning executive producer. You’ll report to the 3-time Emmy winner.


Your role:

If you're accepted, you will be coming on board as part of the exclusive PathSource Fellowship Program, with a focus on content generation. This is an internship with a stipend that involves substantial responsibility. You'll have several key roles:

1) Under the supervision of our executive producer, attend some conferences and trade shows and interview hundreds of people using one of our professional cameras (if you don’t have your own). You will be provided a set of questions and liability waivers for the interviewees. At a typical conference at the Moscone center, you can get 20-40 videos in one day.

2) Upload videos to our site and fill in all necessary information related to the videos.

3) Research, contact and coordinate with companies, religious institutions and other organizations to set up interviews.

It's ok if you telecommute part of the time.


$200-$400 per month depending on whether you hit key milestones.

Please email a cover letter and resume to apply. We look forward to hearing from you.



1) Strong written and verbal communications skills
2) Willingness to approach people you don't know and ask to interview them
3) Ability to spend 15+ hours per week on the internship.
4) A good work ethic and willingness to wear many hats.
5) An ability to grow and take on additional responsibilities as you prove you're capable of doing so.

How To Apply

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