Payment Processor Providing Internship Opportunity

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Cinch Payment Solutions provides all forms of payment acceptance to almost any type of business of any size! We are a fast growing company that prides itself on excellent customer service and unparalleled integrity. We provide the means for merchants of any size to accept credit and debit cards and electronic checks as payment for their products and services by providing card authorization, data capture, settlement, risk management, fraud detection, and chargeback services. The company’s services also include data organization and retrieval, ongoing merchant assistance, and resolution support in disputes with cardholders. We also provide business loans with easy approval as well as cash advances for businesses needing an immediate influx of capital! Our customers have a wide variety of tools at their disposal to access and manage their accounts as well as dedicated professionals who will assist them. Our staff members have years of industry experience and they are supported by a management team that truly cares about the customer's needs.


As an agent of Cinch Payment Solutions, you will be exposed to all aspects of running a business including: sales, marketing, business planning, customer acquisition management, and administration.
This is a sales driven company and a large portion of the duties will be focuses on sales and sales support. You will be expected to make sales call on the phone and assist in on-site sales presentations as well as record-keeping and light administrative duties.
You will have all of these valuable hands on experiences while we help you work with your school schedule. At Cinch Payment Solutions, we are a team and we believe helping our employees succeed on all levels.
This internship has the potential to become a full time paid position.


This position would be most ideal for people pursuing degrees in marketing, business administration, or communications. A perfect candidate will:

-Have excellent organizational skills
-Be detail oriented
-Be ambitious and self-motivated.
-Be articulate and project a presence of success.
-Be able to communicate well with others and be a team player.
-A drive to help others.
-Sales experience welcomed, but not required.

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