Possible-opolis Internship

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Built at the intersection of art and science, Possible-opolis uses over 90% recycled, reclaimed, salvaged and repurposed materials. Exhibits and activities aim to foster creativity and unleash the inner-artist lurking inside every visitor. Large-scale climbing activities provide gross motor activities appropriate for older children, while science activities encourage inquiry-based learning as children examine cause & effect, physics, construction, mechanical contraptions, and kid-powered machines.


During this unpaid internship, Possible-opolis interns will work with the Possible-opolis Coordinator and other museum staff to develop and/or facilitate presentations and interactive activities. Activities will be active, creative, and fun and may include demonstrating the basic fundamentals of design and engineering, including reuse of materials, mechanics, simple machines, tools, fasteners and materials, as well as planning, design and execution of related programs.

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