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We're a small team of hipsters, hackers and hustlers working together to make the web a better place. We specialize in web design, development and branding. We love working with startups and companies that are interested in evolving their web presence. We are pioneers of the new digital design frontier, creating responsive websites and apps.

We are looking for someone who can help manage our growing list of design projects and clients. This would entail using a project management app called Asana ( as well as meeting with us physically in our office in Middletown to schedule and discuss tasks and priorities. You will be our internal liaison between staff members and management.


You would be joining us in our office in Middletown, NY, 2-3 times a week to work alongside our Creative Director to contact various vendors for pricing, assessing current projects to estimate timelines, estimating proposals for potential clients and communicating various needs within the company on Asana.


Communication is most important
Organizational Skills
Persistence! (you're dealing with creatives)
Understanding of social media and the web
Ability to learn new applications quickly
Proficient writing skills
The Usual Suspects (Word, Xcel, etc...)

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