Quality Assurance Intern

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VerbalizeIt, TechStars alumnus, delivers instant access to a global community of human translators over the phone, through Skype and via the web. We are disrupting the translation landscape by providing superior quality translation than what is delivered by machine-based applications and at a fraction of the cost of traditional physical call center solutions. In doing so, we create meaningful job opportunities for multilingual individuals across the globe who translate from the comfort of their homes for our customers in need. Our mission is to drastically improve the way in which people communicate across languages by delivering high quality translation solutions to meet the growing needs of businesses and travelers worldwide.

As our Quality Assurance intern, you will be play an integral role in monitoring, evaluating and testing the quality of both (i) the technology infrastructure underlying our routing system which connects customers with our global community of translators and (ii) the quality, friendliness and professionalism of our community of translators in conducting live translation calls and asynchronous text, audio and video. While we will train you and bring you up to speed on the technology and the human element of our business, you will be given freedom to employ your preferred strategies for monitoring, ensuring and reporting on quality. In doing so, you will work closely with the VerbalizeIt team and our community of 3,000 interpreters spread across 6 languages and every continent.


• Monitor, evaluate and ensure quality of technology systems (no previous technology experience required)
• Monitor, evaluate and ensure quality of human translator professionalism, personality and translation
• Ensure and report timely and quality delivery of asynchronous audio and text translations
• Work hand-in-hand with community managers and technologists to ensure that all quality issues are being reported and handled in a timely fashion


• Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills, with a strong attention to detail
• Results-oriented
• “Just gets stuff done” – prides him/herself on always delivering, no matter how tough the challenge
• Entrepreneurial – flexible, optimistic and extremely hands-on problem-solving approach
• Leadership-oriented and wants to play a meaningful role in the development of a growing company

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