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In-Store Retail Representatives

Full/Paid Training
Immediate Hiring in Retail and Marketing Departments

Signature has developed a undeniably powerful presence in some of the world's largest retailers. Our retail and marketing associates will develop a great rapport with customers in store and market brand management. We specialize in brand awareness and retail marketing. All In-Store employees are required to assist customers with customer service and promotion of products.


Daily Responsibilities:

-Stimulate customers interest in promotions of products
-Assist customers in retail environment
-Teaching and Training of other team members
-In-Store Marketing
-Learning Brand Management and marketing techniques

We are dedicated to working together as a team to ensure that all individuals can take advantage of the opportunities we have here at Signature.


Any individuals can become successful by hard work and remaining determined. The environment of Signature is ripe with leadership and mentors to help make way the this company's future leaders and managers.

All candidates will be provided with full, hand-on training in the following:
-Retail Sales
-Management Training

All applicants should submit resume online to be considered for the openings

How To Apply

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