Rails Extraordinaire for an Accelerator Backed Company

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What is Jokket?

Jokket is a platform through which people can hire and work for people they trust. Jokket takes capitalism in the freelance space to the next level, emphasizing trust to spur competition like never before. Our algorithm rates employers and freelancers in the community, taking into account ratings from both parties in order to minimize bias. By tracking discrepencies in ratings over time, we create one simple score that is as accurate as possible. When paired with real time bidding, Jokket helps employers maximize quality while minimizing cost, and allows freelancers to quickly find work with worthy employers.
-->We are an accelerator backed company that is unbelievably enthusiastic about our idea and it's potential
-->You will have the opportunity to become a member of a hardworking team from the beginning stages, and to become an extremely appreciated team member moving forward.
-->We use a tech stack based primarily on Rails, GitHub
-->Access to learning resources: teamtreehouse, clarity.fm, expert mentors
-->We welcome you to join us at our offices at TigerLabs in Princeton, and are willing to pay for quality.

If interested, please contact Ben at ben@jokket.com with a resume and portfolio. If you have any questions please feel free to email Ben at ben@jokket.com.


We're looking for both front end and back end help. An opportunity to learn in a hands-on way in a nurturing environment.
-->Work as part of a team to make updates and additions to an existing Rails application
-->Share responsibility for backend, automation tools based on Rails, and JS
-->Aid in implementation, testing, deployment
-->Learn in an awesome startup environment (and work in an awesome accelerator!)


-->The ideal candidate is a great communicator and collaborator, careful and thorough, honest, responsible, and self motivated.
-->You can develop in Ruby and Rails, with RSpec or Test::Unit, and GitHub.
-->You are enthusiastic about your work.
-->You have a passion for backend development, but you’re not afraid to dive into some frontend code to get a job done.
-->You favor a pragmatic programming style and simple solutions.
-->You write outstanding code and are able to document and explain along the way

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