Seeking interns to help develop a start-up business that could lead to full-time self-employment

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If you are an individual who is …
· Seeking an opportunity to fulfill internship requirements
· Hoping to gain hands on experience in marketing, advertising, website management, writing, or business to build your resume
· Wanting to try something new that could potentially lead to a career

… then I have multiple internship positions available that offer flexibility and the ability to work from home.
I want to be very clear about this opportunity. This is not one of those endless get-rich quick schemes or fake work-from-home job offers that requires you to pay some kind of fee to access information. I am a legitimate, Boulder-based proprietor who would like assistance with a start-up business that I believe has great growth potential. As you can imagine, there are a lot of tasks to accomplish when starting a business and I can certainly use assistance from up-and-coming future professionals. Unfortunately, as a start-up, I don’t have the ability to offer monetary compensation yet. However, if my business model becomes as successful as I believe it could be, there will be paid opportunities available in the near future.

If you have an interest in interning, send me an email with some basic information about yourself and what you would like to assist with. You do not need to send a resume, but you are welcome to do so.


Here’s what I’m looking for help with:
- Building a database of businesses and proprietors who service the broad self-improvement industry (I have a specific list of occupations).
- Ethical marketing to this database to offer my business’ service
- Marketing via online sources and social media
- Design and distribution of print marketing and promotional materials
- Event planning to host possible launch and promotional events
- Assistance with maintaining and creating a web site
- Writing quality articles of interest in regards to self-improvement for web site content


Position requirements:
- Hours are extremely flexible and based on your schedule. There’s enough to do that you can choose as few or as many hours as you like/need.
- Ability to work from home/library/etc. I work out of a home office and cannot provide a workspace for you.
- Ability to meet face-to-face in Boulder up to once a week to discuss weekly objectives and progress. Alternately, we could possibly arrange a regular Skype meeting if located outside of Boulder.
- Interest in ethical marketing and advertising. I am not interested in building a reputation for spam or other annoying techniques. I want my marketing plan to reflect quality decision-making.
- Positive work ethic. I am seeking people who genuinely want to make good use of their working time. That being said, I am also a believer in balance and making time for the most important things in life. I am not looking for a workaholic, but for someone who does the best they can in the time they devote to my project. If my business grows in the way I expect it could, then I hope to be hiring within a year. Quality work as an intern could lead to a great self-directed career.

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