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An innovation technology company specializing in night vision and optics industry is looking for an intern(s) to join our team and proceed to success together with us. We are a start up online distributing store, fast growing, young and very goal oriented group that is looking for a dedicated person who has great writing/editing skills. Join our team and prove that you are the one who we are looking for.


“In the body of the email please have answers on following questions, have your resume attached in .doc format and don’t forget to put Tech Eyes Summer Intern 2012 in the subject line.”

1. What is your name?
2. How old are you?
3. What is your experience?
4. What is your education?
5. Why do you think you will be useful for our company?
6. Did you have a chance to take a look at our web site
7. What do you know or are you interested in night vision technologies and optics industry?
8. Do you feel like this industry is interesting enough for you to go deep into it and be able to do your best in it?
9. How long would you be willing to participate in our intern program?
10. What is your drive and motivations?
11. Do you have video filming equipment or we have to provide you with it. (If yes please describe in a few words what you have)

Team of Tech Eyes can`t wait to hear from you and get together with a right intern ASAP.
Sincerely yours “Tech Eyes LLC”

“What Others Can`t See”


The main characteristics that we are expecting from you are: being interesting person, willing to work on our blogs and keep our social networks updated and grow as a social network/blog coordinator. Experience is always welcome but if you don`t have one we are completely cool with you also be a “start up genius” just like us. Based on the results of the internship you will be able to join our team on salary basis. Build your future together with us, hop on in our boat and let`s see where it will take us. We offer flexible hours and schedule, most of the editing and collaborating work could be done from home. If this is something that you are looking for please answer these simple questions, attach your resume and send it to us at

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