Software Engineer - Intern

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Intel Corporation
Hillsboro, OR
Application Deadline: No Deadline
Position: Full-time, Unpaid

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Intel is in the midst of an exciting transformation, going beyond being a company that makes the worlds best chips to one that also delivers wonderful experiences for people.

With help from talented employees like you, we will tightly integrate hardware, software and services into compelling experiences in pursuit of our vision. This decade we will create and extend computing technology to connect and enrich the lives of every person on Earth.

Job Description:

As a CAD engineering intern in the Process technology Modeling-Materials Design group, you will be part of a team who is expected to maintain and develop strong interaction and working relations with process, integration and quality reliability teams in a large technology development organization. Working with other group members, you will support users and technologists in the area of materials selection and synthesis using advanced simulation software (internally or externally developed), facilitate the investigation of trade-offs when analyzing manufacturing technology options, optimization of new fabrication processes and manufacturability. You will also be responsible for the investigation of physical phenomena associated with the incorporation of new materials and interactions with process steps. You will bring in-house state of the art models and collaborate in the internal development of new ones to support the continuous technology development.


You must possess the minimum qualifications to be initially considered for this position. Experience would be obtained through your educational level research and/or relevant job/internship experiences.

Minimum Qualifications:

You must be currently enrolled and actively pursuing a graduate level degree (MS or PhD) in one of the following disciplines: Physics/Materials Science/Chemical Engineering/Chemistry or related discipline.

Additional Qualifications:

  • You should have completed graduate level courses/work projects emphasizing computational modeling of materials properties, solid state and condensed matter theory, and phenomena, ranging from the electronic structure of bulk materials, surfaces, and thin films including scattering and phonon effects and dispersion.
  • Familiarity of the different scales and approximations in application of meso-, and quantum methods is also relevant.
  • Knowledge of techniques on the following, but not limited to; density functional theory, plane-wave approximations, local orbital approximations, many-body methods such as GW, DMFT, semi-empirical, e.g. tight-binding and embedded-atom methods; atomic and molecular-scale simulations, e.g. MC and MD techniques.
  • In addition the candidate should have the ability to estimate condensed matter properties of materials including electronic density of states and energies, band diagram analysis, lattice, dynamical, non-equilibrium, mechanical, of metals and alloys, semiconductors, insulators, superconductors, polymers, ceramics and composites.
  • The position also demands sound knowledge of numerical methods, and Fortran/C/C++ programming, scripting languages and operating systems.

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