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Software Engineer Student (summer)

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Lexington, KY
Application Deadline: No Deadline
Position: Full-time, Paid

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This position is for a student in the field of Software Engineering.  The opportunity is to do meaningful programming work in C, C++, and Java in support of automation and tools development work within Software Quality Assurance.  You will be part of a thriving Agile / Scrum team in which you will be programming individual tools or portions of larger scaled tools to aid in our ongoing automation efforts.  You will be working with an arrary of Lexmark multi-function printers as well as using our cutting edge software.  This is a great opportunity to learn best practices in programming and be part of a team working towards a delivery goal.

Practical programming (beyond classroom assignments) is a plus.  Familiarity with Agile / Scrum processes is an advantage although not a requirement.  Due to the upfront learning curve, the position is seeking a Summer co-op or an ongoing part-time student.

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