Special Projects Intern

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1621 Abbot Kinney Blvd.
Venice, CA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: Part-time, Unpaid

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Company Description:

Housed in an old speakeasy just a couple blocks from the beach, ZEFR creates the products and solutions that help bring movies, music, sports and TV to YouTube. Not just cat videos – the good stuff: content created by professional content owners and studios that appears in theaters, on the radio and on your DVR. ZEFR merges the charms of Hollywood with the prowess of silcon valley – building solutions that now have ZEFR clocked as the fastest growing and largest YouTube partner with more than 1.3 Billion monthly views. With revolutionary technology, amazing partners and some ginormous projects on the horizon, we’re looking to make a huge impact in the way content is consumed, shared and loved.

Description of Internship:

ZEFR’s looking for driven problem-solvers who are excited by the idea of being a part of a dynamic startup on the cutting edge of entertainment and technology. The internship program will be project based, and specifically geared towards rewarding and empowering individuals who show creativity and initiative. Overall, we want those who will thrive on going above and beyond the call of duty and doing what it takes to get the job done. Interns who are scrappy, innovative, and good team players will emerge from the program with transferable working skills, industry connections and a tangible project success that will give them a head start on making their way in tech, entrepreneurial, and entertainment industries.


You Will:

• Join the ZEFR Nation as part of ZEFR’s agile and fast-paced special projects team.

• Own and support ad hoc initiatives that will actively drive value for the future of the company.

• Participate in the daily workflow, trouble-shooting, and project management that turn the wheels of today’s cutting-edge businesses.

• Get exposure to and build your skills in market research and business strategy.

• Build relationships with peers and industry leaders that will help drive a career in technology, entertainment, or entrepreneurship.


You Have:

• Solutions-driven instincts, with the ability and willingness to dive in and learn about the large and small tasks that make ZEFR tick.

• A positive outlook, driven and detail-oriented nature, and the desire to excel and thrive in an exciting, fast-paced environment.

• An entrepreneurial mindset with an interest in the YouTube ecosystem and a curiosity about the business possibilities surrounding it.

Please be:

• A junior or senior

How To Apply

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