Summer Internship: Videographer-Interviewer (Openings Nationwide)

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Company Location: Burlingame, CA
Application Deadline: Available Year-round
Position: 5 Part-time, Paid

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Our educational product is quickly becoming the #1 career navigation tool used nationwide in grades 6-12. We provide to students hundreds of short informational videos of real people offering insights into their professions, along with essential resources and data on how to pursue those careers.

We need students with access to an HD video camera (such as a Nikon DSLR or equivalent), with VERY STRONG PEOPLE SKILLS, who can set-up and conduct interviews AND/OR attend conferences & events and recruit professionals there to be interviewed for the site.

The filming is simple. Talking-head, for 1-3 minutes, asking several questions. No editing is required. The pay is $5/per interview if the interviewee answers the first set of questions, and $10 per interview if the same interviewee also answers a second set of questions. At conferences, we can get 10-20 interviews in a single afternoon, so for the right candidate, the $ adds up quickly.

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