Supplier Contact/Negotiator

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a. Email and call suppliers to request, follow-up on, and supervise offers that are placed on the site. As necessary, dissect the quote and post it on the site for the supplier.
b. Train suppliers on how to use the Wiser Steward site
c. Constantly seek out and research competitive prices and exceptional deals
d. Keep a database using Google docs that records all contact info, notes, and pertinent info
Position details
a. Reimbursement: Paid internship if time period exceeds 3 months; Unpaid if for time period of three months or less
b. Hours: Flexible
c. Contact: Kimberly Covert, 561-277-1643,


a. Develop and maintain working relationship with suppliers in order to development partnerships
b. Negotiate with suppliers for the absolute best price; seek out discounts, special offers, and available price cuts.
c. Verify trustworthiness of the suppliers via research (such as discovering their ranking and ratings)
d. Update databases with pertinent supplier information
e. Supervise the offers received, and answering inquiries as necessary
f. Update databases with pertinent supplier information


a. Minimum degree requirement of High School diploma; college degree preferred. A degree in Business or Communication is a plus.
b. Working knowledge of Outlook, Microsoft Office Suite, and basic computer skills
c. Excellent customer service, phone etiquette, and cooperative attitude. Sales experience a plus.
d. Strong desire to grow faith based companies and assist the needs of various communities. Experience in church ministry is a plus.
e. You will be required to multi-task, and divide your tasks based on priority and deadlines

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